GCC supports and assists its clients by positioning itself as a partner in the development, implementation and management of integrated technical solutions.

Whether you are a manufacturer or a distributor, GCC’s expert services in manufacturing management, logistical management, quality assurance and IT integration will allow you to optimize your operational costs, your inventories, your infrastructures and your manpower.

Our commitment: support your organization in optimizing its business practices in order to achieve your growth objectives.


We optimize your manufacturing processes to allow you to get ahead of the competition

The reality of today’s marketplace forces manufacturing companies to surpass themselves and to constantly strive to offer their products at more competitive prices. GCC experts know better than anyone what’s at stake for their clients and they possess all the necessary competence and experience to lower their costs either by reducing turnaround times, by eliminating waste or by implementing lean production.

SUPPLY CHAIN 4.0       

A sure way to a green, efficient, safe and profitable logistics chain                     

We cannot overstress the importance and strategic role of the logistic function, which is a constant preoccupation for world class enterprises. This forces companies to constantly reassess their productivity, the use of their assets as well as their control over company operations. The optimization of logistic operations, coupled with the ongoing examination of performance, is a crucial factor in an enterprise’s ability to remain competitive.



Our objective is to achieve the desired quality at a lesser cost           

Faced with a marketplace in constant evolution, which is also becoming increasingly demanding, this highly competitive context obliges enterprises to offer products with the best price/quality ratio. Quality management provides a structure that gives you the control that is indispensable to risk management as well as to the monitoring and the measuring of your enterprise’s performances. To achieve your objectives, we examine in detail all the stages of the chain of quality.


We integrate information technologies to their full potential in your business processes. 

Whether it is a matter of improving customer service through greater availability of products or a question of personalized delivery, management information is crucial. In all cases, this information is at the heart of decisions. Consequently, company leaders are unanimous with regard to the importance of implementing computerized information capture and management tools.