The company offers high-range painting services for camping-cars, buses and trucks. Its plants are in full growth and to satisfy clients requirements, the company must demonstrate the solidity of its quality plan and its ability to provide a high-quality service by investing in a quality approach.

GCC mandate was to put in place a quality management system aimed at improving control of the services provided by the company and to increase client satisfaction.

As a first step, data collection was performed to map the processes and write work instructions and related forms. Process improvements were identified then implemented. The quality director hired to maintain the system in place and the concerned staff members were trained. Process management was then gradually transferred to the identified owners. During the months following implementation, a weekly follow-up meeting was established to validate the objectives achievement.

The results of this project, such as a quality policy and quality objectives, support processes and operational processes, enabled the company to better control its services and satisfy its clients. 

A major international client audited our quality management system to validate if we could become one of their certified suppliers and he was extremely impressed by it. A great accomplishment in a short period of time, good job to everyone who was involved in putting in place and implementing the system!
— Quality director