Quality Management and After-sales Service

When our consultants complete a project, we ask them to share their experience. This week, our advisor Amir Aoueiss talks about his project of quality management and after-sales service. 

What was the context of the company for which you carried out your mandate? 

One of the largest designers and manufacturers of urban transit buses in North America has established a team dedicated to quality after-sales management. 

What was your role? 

My role was to coordinate the service representatives, the engineering, the production, the purchasing and the suppliers to establish the root cause of each problem and find a permanent solution to prevent the recurrence of all similar problems. This implies that this solution offers a superior quality to what is already done, but at equal or lower costs for the company and their customers. 

What did you appreciate most about this mandate? 

The resolution of each case requiring the involvement of several stakeholders, I was exposed to many points of view and different technical and commercial areas. I could understand the reasoning behind each decision, as well as the effects it had on the product and customer satisfaction. 

What was the biggest challenge? 

My biggest challenge has been to bring together all the technical knowledge and communicate it effectively to decision-makers. I learned that the best idea is worthless if you cannot convince others of its good foundation. 

What opportunity did you identify? 

One of the opportunities for improvement that was identified was to deploy the team’s quality approach to processes further upstream, particularly from suppliers, to minimize sources of errors and increase the quality of the final product. This process of continuous quality improvement is already underway within the company, but it could cover more stages of the supply chain.