Our team

For almost 18 years, GCC has been a leader in the field thanks to the state-of-the-art services provided by its seasoned team of engineering consulting experts. Our solution: Competence and enlightened vision.

Maxime Clermont, ing


Maxime Clermont earned his industrial engineering diploma from Montreal’s École Polytechnique in 1993. During the first ten years of his career, he worked as an industrial engineer for large companies like Canada Post and Novabus, as well as for small and medium-size enterprises in the manufacturing and agricultural fields. Mister Clermont has been involved in numerous initiatives to reengineer manufacturing, logistical and administrative processes for a range of different-size companies and in a variety of fields. He is acknowledged for his keen understanding of issues, his good communication with persons carrying out the operations and his sense of urgency, all of which enable him to obtain rapid results. Constantly on the lookout for new challenges, this highly versatile expert is able to adapt to all types of situations.

Maxime Clermont also stands apart for his integrity as an accomplished businessman. This man, who excels in more than one entrepreneurial field such as project management and optimization, sees himself as the culmination of a continuity of small projects that grew in scope over time. As such, his versatility led him to explore different industrial sectors, which, in turn, allowed him to build an enterprise with multidisciplinary competences. His positive attitude and tenacity are evidenced by a highly resilient mind and a great team spirit which has helped him acquire extensive knowledge beyond his university education. His experience comes through strategic expertise supported by a strong, yet humble desire to give of himself through his work and that of his team.

Josée Archambault

Administrative Coordinator

Mrs. Josée Archambault has worked as our administrative coordinator for a number of years. Her work experience, acquired over this time in various fields such as employability, human resources, finance, IT, and industrial engineering, enables her to ably support company executives and GCC’s team of consultants. Mrs. Archambault acts, among others, as liaison agent between company leadership and employees as well as between internal and external clients. She sees to the smooth running of daily operations at the office in order to ensure its efficiency and good performance.

Mrs. Archambault is known for her professionalism, her discretion, her availability, and her ability to manage several files simultaneously. 

Gustavo Castelino

Commercial Director and Operations

With more than 25 years of experience in customer service, team building and innovative process improvements, Gustavo has acquired several project management skills. Leveraging an in-depth understanding of inventory management best practices, coupled with the ability to set business objectives and measure performance, it meets client expectations and service agreement requirements.

He is recognized as an inspiring executive who is able to mobilize teams to achieve sales and efficiency goals, while managing inventory requirements, optimizing lead times and minimizing inventory turnover.

Daphné Messier

Marketing and Business Development Coordinator

Daphné holds a Bachelor of Administration Marketing. She has acquired a lot of knowledge that she knows how to put into practice at GCC. She also has an enriching experience that has allowed her to perfect her communication skills. Passionate about management, business development and marketing, Daphné is involved in many spheres of the company. She is particularly involved in coordinating several resources to communicate a complete, well-defined service offer that meets the needs of manufacturing companies. It stands out in particular by its creativity and ability to carry out different marketing projects. Daphne enjoys seizing new opportunities for GCC and helping build strong business relationships.

Our consultants

Our consultants in process improvement form a multidisciplinary team of experts who accompany their clients in a broad diversity of improvement projects. They are able to call on their expert knowledge of the manufacturing, service and retail business sectors, while relying on a proven method to define, execute and follow-up on projects, to quickly bring about concrete benefits.