Our New Interactive Self-Assessment Tool

Nowadays, there is a growing interest among managers in engineering-industrial concepts such as industrialization 4.0 and operational excellence. To stand out, companies must not only build a culture of continuous improvement, but also use tools to measure their performance, assess their level of maturity and direct their efforts in those areas. Whether to optimize its processes, increase the quality of its products or reduce production costs, any company has an interest in having a portrait of its current situation. The traditional method is to hire a specialist engineer or meet an industrial engineering expert in person to draw a portrait of the company, which necessarily involves an investment. Groupe Clermont Conseil considered it was important to develop, through our continuous improvement consultants, the first free self-assessment questionnaire to measure the maturity of a company and propose solutions adapted to its context.

A real impact on productivity 

According to our survey of more than 200 manufacturing companies in the Montreal metropolitan area, 50% of companies place a high value on performance measurement. However, a study by Proaction International reveals that over 60% of first and second-level managers do not have a positive impact on the productivity of the sector because of a gap in their management skills. It is possible to believe that more than half of the manufacturing companies have a rather vague or erroneous vision regarding the major concepts of the industry. Faced with this reality, this self-assessment questionnaire allows managers to learn more about certain concepts in industrial engineering and understand how the company can improve.   

Capture the pulse of your business 

In this context, completing our self-assessment questionnaire is a quick, efficient and cost-free solution to better understand the needs of your business. To facilitate the respondents’ comprehension, the vocabulary is entirely adapted to the language of the managers, regardless of their level of knowledge. The data collected by the questionnaire is grouped in the GCC database, but the results will not be revealed to any third party. If you want to meet our advisors, the results can be used to better identify the needs of the business and to target areas where it can improve. Everybody wins!

The maturity of a business is the degree to which the enterprise manages, documents, measures, controls and improves processes efficiently and consistently. The first part of the results reveals your level of maturity trough four key aspects of the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) model: process, personal, technology and measurement. The first, process, is the performance, agility and transparency of the various operations carried out in the company. The second point, personal, represents the level of employee involvement in improvement projects, awareness of technological change as well as the performance and training of staff and communication channels. Then, the technological axis is defined by the level of effective integration of new technologies. This category reflects the digital maturity 4.0. Finally, the measurement is the ability to measure the performance of processes and employees according to the indicators. These four notions help to divide the image of your company in order to better target where the problems are located and thus allow the implementation of appropriate solutions.  

As a prescriptive guide, the questionnaire also provides you with concrete actions you could take in problem areas of the company. Here is an example of exposure of the results.

Our questionnaire is available now on the member area of our website. Seize the opportunity and take another step towards operational excellence!