Operational Management: in all Spheres of our Life

Have you ever had to do a thousand tasks at the same time, not knowing where to start and feeling that time is moving too fast? Several tasks to accomplish at work, trainings to follow at the same time, household chores to do without forgetting the stress, fatigue and lack of energy that come into play. How can you organize in order to manage your time and priorities? 

Often there are too many tasks and projects to do with the time and resources available. The pressure to perform in a short period of time and the desire to achieve bold goals amplify our time management issues. What if we had done things differently, that we had better establish our list of priorities and that we had not spent three hours on a task that was not so important in the end? 

Several principles of operational management are used in our daily lives. Just like businesses, we also try to maximize our time, minimize our travel, avoid waste and manage our priorities. We live in a society focused on performance and competition. To succeed, we must not only know how to be effective, but above all, think about our “life strategy”. We must therefore determine what is important for us, what we need to periodize and what we must give up. This is how business managers handle to perform, surpass the competition, coordinate their human, material and financial resources as well as possible, thus making their investments profitable. 

What is important? 

Of course, there are several tips for better time management such as setting priorities, checklists, planning and preparation. Despite this, there remains a major problem that most of the workers face: a discrepancy between the watch and the compass! Has it ever happened to you to feel that you are effective and that despite that, you feel that you are not doing what is important? Have you ever encountered any discomfort, dilemma or guilt for not doing something? Indeed, many managers are too preoccupied to climb to success without asking themselves if what they are doing is essential. 

An essential reading for your organization 

If you recognize yourself through this description, you should read the book Priorities to Priorities by author Stephen R. Covey. Much more than a time management book, it offers you an in-depth analysis of your habits and your real motivations. It will be essential in all spheres of your life. As a result of this reading, your perception of time will be transformed to allow you to put your energy in the right place and better manage all your priorities. 

Deux sources : 

Priorités aux priorités de Stephen R. Covey  

Gestion du temps et des priorités — 3 révélations qui m’ont transformé — Mathieu Laferrière [1] 

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