We optimize your manufacturing processes to allow you to get ahead of the competition

The reality of today’s marketplace forces manufacturing companies to surpass themselves and to constantly strive to offer their products at more competitive prices. GCC experts know better than anyone what’s at stake for their clients and they possess all the necessary competence and experience to lower their costs either by reducing turnaround times, by eliminating waste or by implementing lean production.

Given that the competitiveness and success of an enterprise depend on its expertise, its experience and its ability to transmit knowledge, your ability to compete successfully depends on these factors. 

Does your enterprise possess these assets?


MANAGING GROWTH                

  • Diagnosis of manufacturing processes
  • Formulation of manufacturing strategies
  • Increase in production capacity
  • Plant layout


  • Added value production (AVP) / Lean manufacturing and JIT (just in time) production
  • Manufacturing cells and integrated assembly lines
  • Improvement of equipment and/or production line efficiency
  • Reduction of setup time (SMED)
  • Time studies and implementation of standardized operations
  • Automation of equipment and production lines
  • Supply systems for production line materials
  • Prevention of faulty and damaged material
  • Levelling of production and optimization of planning functions


  • Kaïzen
  • Establishment of internal ‘ongoing improvement’ teams
  • Key performance indicators (KPI) and monitoring charts