New Assembly line Balancing

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The client is an international leader in the railway industry. Its Canadian branch decided to expand by building a production line delivering up to five bogies per week. 

Having already executed a similar project in their France based plant, it was taken as an example from which to draw inspiration and share ideas.

To properly simulate and benchmark proposed solution, GCC used relevant information from the France based plant as well as historical data.  Different line balancing scenarios were investigated, ranging from one bogie per week all the way up to 5.

GCC was also tasked with updating the standard operating times in the database.  Workstations and work cycles time could then be optimized, ensuring the feasibility of the operation sets and taking into account all constraints and risks.

Manufacturing documentation was analyzed and critical stations were identified in order to evaluate the fabrication times and to determine the optimal line balancing and production flow.

As a final result, balancing for four different production volumes were developed and presented to the client respecting all initials constraints.