Our objective is to achieve the desired quality at a lesser cost

Faced with a marketplace in constant evolution, which is also becoming increasingly demanding, this highly competitive context obliges enterprises to offer products with the best price/quality ratio. Quality management provides a structure that gives you the control that is indispensable to risk management as well as to the monitoring and the measuring of your enterprise’s performances.

To achieve your objectives, we examine in detail all the stages of the chain of quality:


YOUR SUPPLIERS            

  • Audits of the quality assurance system
  • Product inspection before delivery
  • First Article Inspection(FAI): Inspection of the first item produced (before mass production)
  • Follow up of Material Complaint Notcies (MCN) and Non Conforming (NC) items


  • Quality management at source to minimize defects at the very moment of production
  • Determination of the necessary documentation to guarantee flawless production
  • Definition of strategic inspection points to validate results and provide feedback to the production process
  • Support in the management of service bulletins and their integration in the production process in the order to solve problems identified by clients and to guarantee their elimination at source
  • Audits of the quality assurance system
  • Obtaining of appropriate ISO standards for your type of enterprise


  • Representation at delivery
  • Inspection at the client’s
  • Feedback on the production process