Implementation of a Quality Management System

In recent weeks, our adviser, Amine Baffounoversaw the developing of a certain type of industrial structure for one of our clients. During his tenure, he had to proceed with the establishment of a quality management system. We then asked him about the steps he had to follow in order to conclude the project. 

What was your role? 

oversaw creating and implementing a quality management system in order to control the services offered by the company and satisfy its customers. I had to map the various operational and support processes, create forms, work instructions and performance indicators. With the leaders, I established a quality policy and quality objectives. I was also responsible for training involved employees as well as hiring a new employee for the position of “Quality Manager”. 

What did you appreciate most about this mandate? 

It was a great challenge because the quality management system was building from scratch. In addition, the company’s employees were very enthusiastic, collaborative and open to the implementation of the system. 

What was the biggest challenge? 

The implementation of the various processes led to several new documents that the employees had to complete. It was therefore a question of ensuring the long-term continuity of the system. With the hiring of the quality manager and subsequently of a foreman, the maintenance of the system was greatly facilitated. 

What opportunities for the future have you identified? 

Since the quality management system was built largely according to ISO 9001, when the company deems it necessary, there will be only a few additions to be made and it will be able to obtain ISO 9001 certification. The company will then be able to expand its customer base and become a certified supplier for customers who have stringent quality standards.