Implantation of a Tracing System

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The company is a major distributor in Quebec’s shoes industry. Higher sales in recent years have led to an increasing overload in its Montreal warehouse. Along with the construction of a new 40,000 sq. ft. warehouse, a high performance warehouse management system (WMS) now became a necessity to ensure the pursuit of an orderly growth.

GCC mandate was to increase warehouse productivity by implementing a simple, robust and high-performance bar code system. The first step was to map the chosen processes (the various receiving methods, put-away, inventory movements, order preparation, picking and shipping), to revise and simplify them and to integrate the use of bar code.

The information was then communicated to the ERP supplier with whom the programming of the bar code system was coordinated and validated. Tests and system debugging were also done with the ERP supplier.

Once the implementation and the tests were completed, the bar code system was put in use for all movements of stocked material processes which improved significantly the capacity.