Our client is a hospital affiliated with a major university’s Medical Faculty.  The hospital’s Building Service has started working with a CAMM application (Computer Assisted Maintenance Management), but the inventory management module is not being used.  The Building Service would like to initiate a pilot project, so that parts can be entered into the CAMM application and their costs linked to work orders.


Define and Measure phases

  1. Define the project scope (constraints and limits) and do a meeting with all stakeholders;
  2. Establish the project chart (goals, scope and stakeholders clearly defined); 
  3. Define project deliverables;
  4. Department tour to establish what the current picture is. 
  5. Establish a parts list (including more than 800 articles).

Analyze and Improve phases

  1. Establish parts selection criterias to manage in the CAMM; 
  2. Establish the parts entry processes in the CAMM;
  3. Attribute parts and their costs to work orders in the CAMM;
  4. Improve the department layout;
  5. Improve the way parts are managed;
  6. Implement a 5S and initiate the changes: sort and arrange items to promote efficient workflow, clean work areas and identify parts;
  7. Implement a Kanban supply system to benefit from the advantages of a pull flow stock management.