We integrate information technologies to their full potential in your business processes. 

Whether it is a matter of improving customer service through greater availability of products or a question of personalized delivery, management information is crucial. In all cases, this information is at the heart of decisions. Consequently, company leaders are unanimous with regard to the importance of implementing computerized information capture and management tools.

We provide you with an IT integration service to accompany you in your choice, your implementation and especially your integration of the new IT tool to the reality of your enterprise. We become the link with your supplier to personalize the new tool to your existing processes.



  • Establishment of functional needs based on the optimal process
  • Development of spec sheets,
  • Cost-benefit analysis of implementing logistical, manufacturing and organizational information systems.


  • Definition of needs and establishment of an evaluation grid
  • Choice of an optimal solution based on established parameters
  • Search and assessment of potential suppliers
  • Analysis of the prequalification system and support in choosing your supplier(s).


  • Establishment of an optimal business process
  • Detailed functional analysis for development
  • Analysis and follow-up of specific required developments
  • Testing and training on the new software
  • Loading of operational data
  • Start-up assistance.