Our client is a hospital affiliated with a major university’s Medical Faculty.  The hospital’s Building Service has started working with a CAMM application (Computer Assisted Maintenance Management), but the inventory management module is not being used.  The Building Service would like to initiate a pilot project (Plumbing Department) so parts can be entered into the CAMM application and their costs linked to work orders.


  • Prepare a list of parts in the Plumbing Department
  • Using the CAMM application, enter the parts and their
  • costs in the work orders
  • Improve the layout of the department
  • Improve how parts are managed


  • Implement the 5S philosophy and initiate changes: clean up, get rid of obsolete parts, identify parts
  • Prepare a list of parts (to include over 800 items)
  • Establish parts selection criteria to be managed
  • with the CAMM application
  • Establish the procedure to enter parts into the CAMM application
  • Implement the Kanban purchasing systems to benefit from the advantages of pull system inventory management.


  • Having a list of parts speeds up the parts order process (4 hrs/week at 30 min/week).
  • Parts entered in the work orders helps find the exact cost of each work order.
  • 1 store in 4 has been eliminated (120 sq. ft. of space saved) by applying the 5S philosophy.
  • A cleaner, clearer layout is helping reduce the time used to look for parts. 
  • Involving the plumbers has increased their motivation and job satisfaction.
  • Implementation of the Kanban system: fewer part shortages and elimination of unnecessary supply requisitions.